Monday, June 15, 2009

Handmade Natural Beauty conducts "Animal Testing"!

OK hold on PETA! Before you revoke my membership, hear me out!

Last week my Intern/Marketing Assistant, Theresa gave my newly redesigned Dog Shampoo Bar a try and enlisted the help of my very own Shitzu, "Cookie" - a semi-willing volunteer, lol!

A bit about the new Dog Shampoo Bar... With it's special blend of essential oils it repels fleas and ticks naturally. It's really easy to use too. Wet pet's coat throughly with warm water. Loop hand through handy hemp rope and apply sudsy bar. Work into coat and avoid eyes. Rinse with clean water. Praise your "pretty dog" lavishingly! Hang soap to dry by the rope in between uses.

The bar itself comes in either a round 4 oz. bar with a large pawprint, as shown in the picture or a larger 5.25 oz. rectangular bar with a few small paw prints on it. They come with an embedded natural hemp rope. They aren't on the website yet, but stay tuned!